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RightBike UK is a national chain of Premium Bike & electric Bike store. Find your local RightBike shop Here.


  • Buy Bikes & eBikes – RightBike has a large range of new and used bicycles and electric bikes in stock today from brands such as Scott Bikes, Merida, Bianchi, Orbea, Raleigh. We also have Squish kid bikes. We can also quickly order in or customize bikes for you!
  • Service, Repair & Upgrade – RightBike stores offer full workshops equipped with everything needed to service or repair or upgrade your bike and ebike, from punctures to rebuilds, be it a road bike, a mountain bike, a fix speed, commuter or electric bicycle (ebike), we can help.
  • Hire – RightBike offers a great range of electric bikes (ebikes) available for hire. Day Hire from £29.99.
  • Collection & Delivery – We offer a bike collection and delivery service to remove the time and hassle of transporting your bike.

RightBike is dedicated to finding the “right bike” for you.

Whether you are looking for the latest full suspension off-road bike or a super comfortable commuter bike to zip around the town or just something in between, RightBike is here to help. We have experts with over 40 years of experience and passion for cycling who are here to make finding your bike quick and easy. If you are new to electric bikes check out our starter guide.

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Road Bikes

RightBike -Buy Road Bikes

Road Bikes – Ready to follow and conquer the know (and loved) roads? Then the road and road race style bikes are what you are looking for. There is no better way to go faster or feel more powerful than cycling the miles upon a super light and smooth road bike.

Mountain Bikes

RightBike - Buy Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes – Want to go off road? Then you’ll need either a hardtail or a full suspension mountain bike. Mountain bikes are designed for the best ride over the toughest off-road terrains whilst still being able to comfortably cycle home.

Electric Bikes

RightBike - Buy Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes – Desire to get out and ride but worried about keeping up, or not feeling fit enough for that hill? eBikes are the answer! The power of an Electric bike gives you an extra boost when you need it, to go that bit further without ruining the rest of your ride.

Hybrid & Commuter Bikes

RightBike - Buy Leisure and Urban Bikes

Hybrid & Commuter bikes – Ready to follow the know (and loved) roads and bridleways? Then the hybrid and commuter-style bikes are for you. There is no better way to get cycling around town and onto the bridleways to explore the countryside.

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