Rightbike is dedicated to finding the 'right bike' for you

Whether you are looking for the latest full suspension off-road bike or a super comfortable commuter bike to zip around the town or just something in between, Rightbike is here to help. We have experts with over 40 years of experience and passion for cycling who are here to make finding your bike quick and easy.

We stock a large range of bikes from your favourite brands; Haibike, Identiti, Lapierre, Merida, Orange, Raleigh, Scott and more, and can also provide custom design and build services.

We offer a build & deliver service for new bikes

What do you get from Rightbike UK as standard?

FREE Local Delivery
FREE 7 Day Insurance
FREE Sizing & Set Up
FREE 3 Month Service

Guide to Women’s Specific Bikes

Available on the mass market since early 2000, the biking industry has been manufacturing women’s specific bikes since then. Whilst the early editions featured shorter top tubes and taller head tubes, as women are typically more flexible anatomically than men, modern versions have a slightly longer top tube.

At Rightbike, each bike we help specify and supply for our customers is made to measure. The right bike is custom fit to your height, your leg measurement and your ape index, (your arm span minus your height), plus your ideal standover height.

We are dedicated to finding the right bike for you

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